Thursday, January 21, 2010

Patient No. 7 - Brenda Baldwin

OUS recently received this email from Brenda Baldwin. Sounds like she could really use our help! Anyone have any ideas what to do with 50 year old fabric? Let us know!
Yes, I Need Help......and Determination

OMG!! I have found my sisters. I have fabrics from 50 years ago. I was hoping to someday have a little girl and make her special dresses. I have one 38 year old U.S. Marine son. No grandaughters and I still can't part with these beautiful fabrics.

I started sewing at age seven. My uncle worked in a large sewing factory and brought me huge boxes of scrap fabrics and buttons every time he came to visit. My aunt worked in a Regal Mill factory making fabrics and she also gave me wonderful fabrics that employees were allowed to take home. This started my addiction of collecting fabrics, buttons, findings, sewing machines (more than 20), sewing collectibles, Princess sewing baskets, and anything sewing related. Oh I also collect patterns.

Last year, I was blessed and obtained a  McCalls pattern cabinet when a local Joanns moved.  I also got a Coats and Clark (store size) thread cabinet. I have always wanted these two items.  Books, old and new, anything sewing and craft related. I discovered that I have multiple copies of some books when trying to organize them . I am sure I have many duplicate patterns also. I have saved patterns for 40 years. 
I have 2 large rooms that are dedicated to sewing and crafts. The garage is overflowing with craft and fabric storage. My car has never seen the inside of the garage.

I hoard anything I see possibilities in.   A few years ago, I purchased a "Measure-o-graph" so it would make it easier  to measure my fabrics for a gargae sale...Have you ever seen a "Measure-o-graph" ?  They were used back in the 50's in fabric stores on the measuring tables.  But alas, haven't even started measuring. I just can't muster the will to get going and get rid of my stash.

The last few years I have expanded my addiction to include papercrafting, scrapbooking and  die cutting. I do crafts at a local Senior Day Care program for seniors with dementia. I am obessed with collecting Sizzix and Spellbinder dies and equipment . And, then there is the Dollar Store for papercrafting...I wish they would not even let me in the store.
Doesn't that story make you want to play in Brenda's house?!?! 

Thanks for sharing your story Brenda. Hopefully we can help! I did a quick search for the Measure-O-Graph but didn't have any luck! I'm super curious about it now... would you be able to submit a photo?

Do you need REHAB? Email me your story... we're here to help.  

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Patient No. 6 - Amanda Day of DawnCorrespondence

I'm not really sure how I missed Amanda's OUS post back in November, but I did. So here it is now:

 This weekend I finally got caught up on almost everything that I needed to do! What a great feeling that is! And since I got all caught up I decided to begin Operation: Utilize Supplies, thanks to Mel of Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities! This became like therapy for me. How nice to use all those extra supplies I've had lying around for years! My first project was to PAINT! It was so much fun, I haven't painted in ages. I painted a number of canvases that I still need to finish but it was great! I'll have to post more photos later this week. In going through my paints and supplies, I realized I was able to toss a few old, cruddy brushes, found empty, yes empty, tubes of paint I could throw out, and even used up the last of one of the tubes!

I definitely plan on selling the paintings I create. I am doing a series of three paintings thanks to OUS that is almost completed titled, Coffee Networking. I also made some mini canvas painting ornaments I will be selling at my upcoming craft show (you can see one of them here).

For those of you who have a mini craft store in your home or office, I highly recommend beginning OUS as time allows. I'll be posting progressive and finished photos of my creations from OUS later this week, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for sharing Amanda! Hope you've kept up with OUS since this post!

Do you need REHAB? Email me your story... we're here to help. 

Friday, December 4, 2009

I've been lacking in the OUS Department...

I've been wicked busy with craft shows lately and haven't been OUS-ing like I should. But check out what Amy from Mama's Little Monkeys has been up to: 31 Days of Nothing. GO MAMA!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

I Have a Confession to Make...

... I fell off the OUS wagon. I fell far and I fell hard. For shame!

In my defense, it was a Thanksgiving night sale at Michael's involving 40-70% off plus a 30% off (including SALE items!!!) coupon. $2 rolls of ribbon for 50c? Yes, please. $20 paper pads for $8? I'll take 5. $1 stamps for 60c? Do you think 15 is enough?

So I shouldn't make excuses... but I am. I'm rarely in the States (where everything is MUCH cheaper than in Canada) when the exchange rate is decent (and there are coupons!). So I fell off the wagon. Luckily I didn't get crushed by the horses and I'm jumpin' back on!

If everyone agrees that I should be publicly humiliated, I don't blame you and will take the punishment. ;)


Apparently my penance for cheating is to share my stash. So here it is!


*please excuse my ugly couch*

Anyway, I'm back on task after my little binge. And I fessed up so that counts as something, right?!?!?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Patient No. 5 - Athena Vander Wyst of Avalon Studios!

Our fifth OUS Patient is Athena Vander Wyst of Avalon Studios! (HI ATHENA!!!) Her husband sent in this desperate request!

Mr N. Vander Wyst
123 Craft Hoarder Way Please Help Twp, NY 11111

OUS Rehabilitation Clinic
c/o Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities
ATTN: Head of Rehabilitation
555 We Can Help Ave.
Rehab anytime, Anystate 77777

November 13, 2009

To whom it may concern:

Please help! My wife, the Avalon of Avalon Studios, has managed to lose our toddler AND nine year old boy in the huge tidal wave of craft supplies that has taken over our home! This would make the eighth time this week. I have sent her to you in the hopes she comes out a better person.
The list of supplies is staggering. It will take an organizational crew a week of non-stop work just to get through the mess which includes but is not limited to: Beads, ornaments, gems, rocks, findings, dominoes, paints, glitter, fabric, cloth, pins, needles, patterns, paper of all kinds, pens, markers, stuffing, floss, and don't even ASK about the templates she's saved on her 2 one terabyte hard drives...she keeps printing copy after copy after copy!
I have decided to commit her to your facility until such a time as I can find our children and move to a different state and start a new life with new identities. This is the last act of a desperate man. I beg you to please, for the love of all that is holy, make her use the supplies or I fear we will all drown in the sea of them.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mr. N Vander Wyst

Now Mr. Vander Wyst, before you steal off with the children, let OUS have a go! The first step is admitting there is a problem! ;)

Do you need REHAB? Email me your story... we're here to help. 

Just a 'Little Thing', but progress nonetheless!

So I've had this circle punch for a bit and have been waiting until I've had a clever idea for gift tags. Well, inspiration finally hit me this week. But, *gasp*, I didn't have any cardstock! Now, money is short here (just like everywhere else) and the closest craft store is at least 20 miles away. So what's a girl to do? Go a-huntin' of course!

In the spare room I came across some Staples poster board I purchased back when I was trading ATCs. [For those interested: What are ATCs? and some of mine.] Anyway, I ended up not using it because it's glossy on one side and I didn't like it ...but would it work for gift tags?

Success! Run the matte side through the printer, add some hoarded glitter and ribbon and voila!

Now I'm working on my second set using glitter glue and snowflake embellishments (which I overbought last year and have been stingily doling out).

I'd like to say a special thank you to fellow OUS Patient Amanda of Dawn Correspondence for inspiring me with her gorgeous gift tags. Thanks sugar! xo!

Do you need REHAB? Email me your story... we're here to help.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Patient No. 4 - Robyn Selk of Jewelled Trellis!

Our fourth OUS Patient is Robyn Selk of Jeweled Trellis! (HI ROBYN!!!) Her family sent in this emergency letter!

Dear OUS Rehabilitation Clinic,

I am writing this letter to request admission.  I am guilty of multiple craft addiction and hoarding not limited to calligraphy, beading, jewelry making, supply hoarding, cross stitch pattern creation, cross stitch supply cumulation, painting supply collecting, yarn addiction, knitting needle aquisition, fabric and sewing supply agglomeration.  I need help. Admission is requested by husband who can no longer see into offenders craft area, and children who are continually lost in the morass of crafting supplies that dominates this area.

She also suffers from "I-wanna-craft-but-I'm-afraid-I'll-mess-it-up" aphobia and a severe case of "but-what-if-I-need-it-someday" itis. 
Thank you for considering our application for our dear mother Robyn~JewelledTrellis

The Selk family.

Thanks for letting us know Selk family! We promise we'll take real good care of her!

Do you need REHAB? Email me your story... we're here to help.