Monday, November 30, 2009

I Have a Confession to Make...

... I fell off the OUS wagon. I fell far and I fell hard. For shame!

In my defense, it was a Thanksgiving night sale at Michael's involving 40-70% off plus a 30% off (including SALE items!!!) coupon. $2 rolls of ribbon for 50c? Yes, please. $20 paper pads for $8? I'll take 5. $1 stamps for 60c? Do you think 15 is enough?

So I shouldn't make excuses... but I am. I'm rarely in the States (where everything is MUCH cheaper than in Canada) when the exchange rate is decent (and there are coupons!). So I fell off the wagon. Luckily I didn't get crushed by the horses and I'm jumpin' back on!

If everyone agrees that I should be publicly humiliated, I don't blame you and will take the punishment. ;)


Apparently my penance for cheating is to share my stash. So here it is!


*please excuse my ugly couch*

Anyway, I'm back on task after my little binge. And I fessed up so that counts as something, right?!?!?


  1. GASP! No public humiliation is necessary. *Saunters closer to Melissa.* Can I see what you bought and live vicariously?

  2. mmm i want the owl stamp!!!
    it is ok. I spent ahem, a lot, of money on Black Friday for cricut and what nots... we shant talk abou thouw much...

  3. You've inspired me again.. check it out..

  4. all looks good to me! And, I like your couch!