Sunday, November 1, 2009

And so IT begins...

My first project(s) came hesitantly but were completed nonetheless! From We're All A Little Mad Here:
Operation Utilize Supplies (OUS) :: Project No. 1
I should get super duper multi points for this post! Because: (a) it's my second post for today; and (b) I've used multiple hoarded supplies!

Firstly, not very excitingly however, I primed a 6" x 8" canvas board and a 2" x 2" stretched canvas. I am hoping to work on the canvas board tonight.

Secondly, and this one is exciting, I've finally cracked into my Doodlebug Sugar Coating Gitter assortment! I've only had it since February and haven't opened it once! I've just stared at the pretty colors in the adorable little jars. The reason it hasn't been touched is because I was afraid that I'd go through the glitter too fast! But there is a deceivingly large amount of glitter in each of those jars! Check it out:

 So I'm over a couple of my little bumps. I shall be using more canvas in the future. I will most definitely be using more glitter in the future! (Probably to Husband's dismay. I'm pretty sure he'll be coming home to glittered cats one of these nights!)

*Deep exhale* So far so good... no crying or throwing things. Let's see if we can keep this up! What Supplies have you Utilized today?

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