Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Patient No. 3 - Teri Landow of The Beaded Branch!

Our third OUS Patient is Teri Landow of The Beaded Branch! (HI TERI!!!) Here's what she had to say about being a Craft Supply Hoarder:

Operation Utilize Supplies (OUS)
I have a confession to make.
I'm a craft hoarder. The reason why my office/craft space is such a terrible mess, and terribly out of order is because I can't seem to stop buying craft supplies of many, many different kinds. I can't seem to settle on one craft. Sigh. And after I buy more supplies, I wind up not using them because I don't want to waste anything. I don't want to screw up, make a mistake, and waste (gasp) the supplies.

I have paints. I have paper. I have old books for altered book projects. I have polymer clay. I have ArtClay Silver. I have tools. I have gold and silver leaf. I have a kit to make resin cabochons, etc. I have beads. I have findings. I have wire. I have fabric. I have yarn. I have embroidery supplies. I have soap supplies. I have old watches that I have taken apart. I have stamps. I have stamp pads, inks, dyes, scissors. Pretty much, it's almost a case of if you need it or want it, I have at least a LITTLE bit of it. Somewhere. I even have old Friendly Plastic pins that I can melt down and reuse. Pens, pencils, chalks, oil pastels. Really the list is quite endless.

Crashing head to desk.

I also have about a million half finished projects. Or a quarter finished projects. Or un-started projects. Okay you're getting the picture.

So what?

Well, I came across a group of friends on Plurk who suffer from the same problem! (Yeah, I know. No big surprise.... Crafters are an odd bunch.) And one person has stepped up and issued a "Rehab" for all of us. A blog has been formed for those of us in Rehab by Mel Smith (thanks!!!) of Kaotic Ekkos Curiosities and now I will be able to show what is going on as I use up supplies, and hopefully have some beautiful new creations to sell! Will it all be jewelry? Heck NO!!!! I'm planning on offering lots and lots of goodies to tempt everyone! Now, onto the crafting!

Keep remembering that sand is ALWAYS blue!!!
And check out the "Dirty Little Secret"...look familiar to anyone?!?!

Thanks for joining us Teri! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Do you need REHAB? Email me your story... we're here to help.

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  1. Welcome, Teri!

    One step at a time, ever forward... together. Thank you, OUS!