Thursday, November 5, 2009

Project No. 2 :: 6" x 8" Canvas

So a few days ago I primed a 6" x 8" canvas. I've worked on it but am not thrilled with how it's coming out.

Unfortunately the Artwin pen I'm using doesn't make a black enough mark and it sticks to my hand and smudges. (I tried some other markers too without much success) I suppose I can make some kind of sleeve for my hand so that it doesn't smudge, but I already have too much on my To Do list!


So I think I'm going to paint over it and do some kind of collage. I guess I have to keep my ink work on proper paper.

Another thing that I'm trying with this blog is to not fuss with the photos. I didn't run these through a photo editor in an attempt to expedite the blog posting. I have to say this experiment is also painful...but I'm pretty sure that the exposure of the photos is not the important thing I right?

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  1. Hrm. What is on your canvas (the primer)? We need to find you a good pen to work on the canvases, because I LOVE THE B&W GEOMETRICS. I don't want you to stop those, they're fabulous.

  2. Oh, and as for the photos... I don't think tweaking the light in a photo is a negative thing, if you want to show detail. I don't think photo exposure is terribly relevant, but don't feel bad if you want to add some light to show color or detail. I probably will. :-)

  3. I didn't have proper gesso or anything so it's just a couple coats of white acrylic. Maybe gesso would solve the problem? And thanks for the compliments T! xo

  4. Ahh, acrylic is the is too slick because it dries to a plastic.